Why Recycle

By recycling metal, you are contributing to an important UK economy and helping to protect the environment.

The metal recycling industry is worth £5.6bn to the UK alone and employs 8,000 people here. Recycled metals have significant economic value and so scrap metal is rarely discarded or sent to landfill sites.

In 2005, 13 million tonnes of metal was recycled in the UK. Around 40% of this was used in the UK with the remainder exported worldwide.

EU figures indicate that using recycled raw materials, including metals, cuts CO2 emissions by some 200 million tonnes every year.

There are also other environmental benefits. Using recycled steel to make new steel reduces air pollution by 86%, water pollution by 76%, and water use by 40%.*

By working with Lelo Metal Recycling you are supporting this vital UK industry and responsibly disposing of unwanted metals.

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* From the BRMA, the leading British metal recyclers trade association

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