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Export and Shipping

We export plant and machinery worldwide and can arrange shipping from our yard to yours. Please feel free to contact us with any queries about export, loading and delivery. See our enquiry box below for more information.

DEFRA Requirements

In order to do this we must abide with DEFRA’s high standards, without the following information we unfortunately are unable to deal with you.

  • Copy of Customers CMR
  • On arrival in your country, copy of the stamped and signed CMR
  • Copy of the ferry/shipping invoice.

This information proves that the machine has arrived where it was intended.

Export Essentials

There are also some export essentials that we require prior to your order being dispatched.

  • All orders to be made in written confirmation by email
  • A valid VAT number
  • First time customers must pay the VAT which will be refunded on receipt of correct documentation
  • CMR to be provided at collection on the yard before dispatch.
  • Same CMR copy to be sent back with “Goods Received Box” stamped and signed.
  • Valid business name, address and contact information (email, office/mobile numbers.
  • CMR document must be received within 30 days of collection date.

If you are unable to provide any of this information we cannot deal with you.

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