Lelo Metal Recycling pays good rates for high quality scrap metal from your unwanted vehicle. You can drive it here, or we can pick it up for you.


Lelo Metal Recycling is a fully licensed metal recycling firm. We are an established family company, friendly yet professional, based in North Wales.


Depending on the quantity and quality of your unwanted metal, Lelo Metal Recycling can provide skips free of charge.


Lelo Metal Recycling specialises in demolition and recycling metal plant and structures.

About Us

Lelo Metal Recycling is a North Wales family firm of metal recyclers based from a former stone quarry, Graig Lelo, from which we get our name.

Established more than 10 years, we have grown through our reputation for delivering friendly and high-quality customer service.

Our customers are both commercial and domestic and we cover North and Mid Wales as well as the border counties with England.

Like us, they recognise the environmental and economic value of recycling metal waste.

Lelo Metal Recycling is licensed by the Environment Agency to conduct business and our stringent health and safety practices are governed by the HSE.

We believe in delivering a quality service to our customers. To this end we are working towards ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 international standards for quality, environmental practice and safety.

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15000 tonnes of ferrous metals


8000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals


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